A letter on reality

Posted: November 30, 2010 in MLB
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Dear Mr. Derek Jeter,

For starters, let me say that you are by far one of my favorite New York Yankees of all time and baseball player to ever play the game. Watching you as I grew up, from going through the entire Yankee farm system, to being unbelievably clutch in the post season, to just being constantly a damn good ball player your entire 15-year career , was something just plain special to watch. But Derek, I have a bone to pick with you.

Courtesy of River Avenue Blues

Let’s talk about this lofty contract you want: $23-35 million a year for four years at age 36 where you are coming off the worst statistical year of your career, in which you batted .270 (dropping more than 30 points than your career average), 179 hits, and struck out 170 times. And usually as one continues to age, statistics continue to drop. Essentially you’d be asking New York to pay you $100 million dollars in four years to eventually watch your average drop to the low .200s and maybe even a few trips to the disabled list.

Now, you may be saying, “But I won the Gold Glove this year! That must mean something“. And you’re right it does: it’s just another trophy to put on your prestigious shelf. Quite frankly, you were not the Gold Glover that you were from your early hay days as a rightful winner back in the early 2000’s. I know you were above average in fielding percentage, but you had a low in put outs as well as losing the range of the signature “Derek Jeter-over-the-back-and-jump” throw.

There have been rumors of you testing the free agent market, specifically the Los Angeles Dodgers because of your relationship with new head coach Don Mattingly. That’s all fine and good, but you would be walking on the dark path of becoming the Brett Favre of Major League Baseball.

Our replacement for you? Eduardo Nunez, the 23-year-old shortstop from our farm leagues who ESPN.com says to be a “superlative defensive player”. Not only would this save us the money from your contract to pursue our need at pitching like Cliff Lee, but he could be the next legacy as the Bronx Bomber shortstop.

Don’t get me wrong Jeet, no Yankee fan wants you to leave. You’ve solidified your place in the Hall of Fame years ago and have led New York to five World Series titles and your leadership as captain, poise, and character on and off the field are some of the reasons millions idolize you as a hero and a role model.

Brian Cashman and the Yankee front office are offering you a nice contract of $15 million for three years to continue doing what you do best. I know it’s not the massive deal 10-year-deal your teammate Alex Rodriguez accepted a few years ago. But let’s face it, you’re 36 not 26. Let’s not shock the entire baseball, even sports world, and please return back in pinstripes for next season.


John Garretson

Sports writer, avid fan, and realist

  1. Jason Lee says:

    On the money with the Jeter article but lets give our kicker a break. He’s still a Bronco through and Blue.

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