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So we can all agree that Boise State’s shocking 27-24 loss to the Nevada Wolfpack this past Friday was one that shook not only Bronco Nation, but the entire Football Bowl Subdivision. The Broncos gave up a 24-7 lead at half to literally deflate on defense and witness senior kicker Kyle Brotzman choking on the poison of pressure and shanking two, sub-30-yard field goals, one to win it and one to tie it up in overtime. But there’s already chaos and catastrophe from that by itself so I won’t delve into it.

This stunning defeat created a horrific domino effect for Boise State. Rather than dominating the WAC like they consistently have for the past years, they must settle as co-champions with Nevada. But what about that BCS title game? Out of the question. How about a BCS major bowl game? Not a chance. Oh and the millions of dollars that was to supposed to come with it? Maybe in Monopoly money.

The 11-1 Broncos must settle for a minor bowl game, such as The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl played in San Francisco or the The Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl played on their own blue turf, an ended 24-game win streak, and the departure of many key seniors, such as sack master Ryan Winterswyk, defensive leader Winston Venable, and big time receivers Austin Pettis and Titus Young, who will never get the taste of national title glory.

You may be thinking all is lost in Boise and moving into a depleted Mountain West Conference is the icing on the cake for bleak seasons to come. But there is some light in the Treasure Valley.

Let’s begin with the up and coming bowl season. Even though Boise State will not be playing in any of the major bowl games, they still have the opportunity to be matched up against an SEC or Big 10 powerhouse such as Michigan State, who they will play in the 2012 regular season, Alabama, LSU or Florida. A win against any of those “proven” teams would show not only the Nevada loss was a fluke, but a solid rebound back onto their quest for the national title.

With ex-Heisman-hopeful gunslinger Kellen Moore returning for his senior year to lead the men in blue and orange into the 2011-12 season, Boise State starts off the year by playing Georgia in the Georgia Dome. A win away from Bronco Stadium in SEC territory would continue the stride back into BCS title recognition. And with it being the Bronco’s first season in the MWC, they’re guaranteed to play TCU, who consequently won the competition of the top non-automatic qualifying team,  a solid Air Force team and San Diego State, who gave TCU a run for their money earlier this year.

Now what about the empty roster spots from the departing seniors? The 2011 recruiting class brings in defensive back Eric Agbaroji,  running back Jay Ajayi, defensive end Robert Ash, quarterback Jimmy Laughrea, and defensive tackle Jeff Worthy, who have all earned +3 stars on, just to name a few.

It’s been a difficult past few days for Bronco Nation and the image of the missed field goals is branded into their memory. And it will continue to be for a very long time. But with the hard times comes only better ones. The Boise State Broncos will eventually rise from the damage of Hurricane Kaepernick and be the team that will continue to knock loudly on the door of the BCS.

Courtesy of Bleacher Report