About Myself

On the Smurf Turf

For those of you who do, or do not , know me I am John Garretson, student at Boise State University. I am a mass communication/journalism major with a minor in business and earning a certificate in public relations. I’m also a sports journalist for our student newspaper The Arbiter as well as a host to a sports radio show on The Pulse called “Coast to Coast Sports Show” with Zach Giertych. I cover sports from football to basketball to volleyball to rugby. My teams are the New York Yankees (sorry we win championships…), the New Jersey Nets and the New Y…Minnesota Vikings. I love sports. Plain and simple. Sports make the world go round.

  1. Jason Lee says:

    John I had the chance to meet your Dad today who told me a little about you. My son is 10 and is a huge Boise State fan. We look forward to reading and hearing your work.

  2. Anonymous says:

    you have an amazing blog! youre a very witty guy and you rep jersey hard.

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